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Spooky Action at a Distance by

Spooky Action at a Distance by Iris Scott

The Juggler by

The Juggler by Iris Scott

Colossal Twist by

Colossal Twist by Iris Scott

Spinning Spaniel by

Spinning Spaniel by Iris Scott

Lunar Eclipse by

Lunar Eclipse by Iris Scott

Canis Arcus by

Canis Arcus by Iris Scott

Luna the Sidereal by

Luna the Sidereal by Iris Scott

Labrador Jazz by

Labrador Jazz by Iris Scott

Shakin' Jake by

Shakin' Jake by Iris Scott

Oculi by

Oculi by Iris Scott

Rufus by

Rufus by Iris Scott

The Mandala Effect by

The Mandala Effect by Iris Scott

Aquavita  by

Aquavita by Iris Scott

Zippy by

Zippy by Iris Scott

Koo Koo by

Koo Koo by Iris Scott

Moonlight Swim by

Moonlight Swim by Iris Scott

Beaded Threads by

Beaded Threads by Iris Scott

Third Density  by

Third Density by Iris Scott

Teroidal by

Teroidal by Iris Scott

Jake the Giant  by

Jake the Giant by Iris Scott

Aquarius by

Aquarius by Iris Scott

Play it Again Sam by

Play it Again Sam by Iris Scott

Orion's Boy by

Orion's Boy by Iris Scott

Salvador by

Salvador by Iris Scott

Canis Rufus by

Canis Rufus by Iris Scott

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