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Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop Photograph by Nasa/science Photo Library

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Kathy M Krause

Kathy M Krause

Congratulations on your sale!

Jen Shearer

Jen Shearer

Congratulatoins on your sale

Gull G

Gull G

💖❣️💖Art provides an opportunity for kaleidoscopic thinking. Each time we shift the lens of our perceptions, we gain new perspectives — and new opportunities for innovation.💖❣️💖 CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RECENT SALE OF A WONDERFUL WORK!

Sady Carlos Souza Jr

Sady Carlos Souza Jr

Caros amigos, Gostei desta página onde há uma análise de cada recorte da foto. Posso publicar esta foto em meu livro sobre aviação? Eu colocaria o registro;créditos desta página no rodapé! Sady

James Teoh

James Teoh


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Wright Brothers' Bicycle Shop by Nasa/science Photo Library
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